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Ordering repeat prescriptions

We have a new, more efficient way of requesting your prescriptions online - you can see your test results too. Soon we will stop using the form below so please register ASAP! To obtain full access, firstly visit us in person with proof of your identity and we will give you a code so you can complete the registration process online. (Proof of identity is a photo ID such as a Passport or Driving Licence, plus a utility bill with your address dated within the last 6 months). Once you have your code, Click here to register for "Patient Access"  

You must allow 72 hours for the practice to safely prepare your prescription (see table below for the estimated time that the prescription will be ready.)

Avoid Delays - If you are requesting a medication that is not on your regular list or you have not had it for some time or you are requesting it early, please give a reason for your request.

Day you order your prescription Day prescription ready
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday

Please note that pharmacies vary in the time they take to provide you with your medication - this can be up to 1 week

You can also order prescriptions by emailing us at 


Request repeat prescription(s)
Please list individual items (only those regularly prescribed for you)
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