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Additional services your Local Authority can provide

Various support options for a wide range of social needs, many of which are highlighted and can be accessed via the Manage your health pages on this website

FIND OUT MORE To find out more about the range of services available visit the Local Authority website, especially the Adult Social Care and Health pages or the Community pages.  
FIND OUT MORE To find out more about Advocacy services in general or other social care and support services.  

More: Visit your local NHS or Local Authority websites

  • Other NHS services that might help you image Other NHS services that might help you

    There are a number of additional services available through your local NHS, apart from clinical care, such as:

    • Additional clinical support options (as highlighted in ‘Manage your health’ on this website) such as the Diabetes Service.
    • Transport to medical appointments
    • Personal Health Budgets  (where available locally, these are a way of giving people with long term health conditions and disabilities more choice and control over the money spent on meeting their health and wellbeing services)
    • Ways of getting involved and having a voice in the shaping of local services.
    FIND OUT MORE To find out more visit the NHS website for Devon