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Booking an appointment

Beat the telephone queue and contact us via our online consultation service, Klinik, by clicking on the “Consult our doctors online” box to the right of your screen between the hours of 8am and 4pm.

If you are unable to use this option or it's after 4pm and you have an urgent request that cannot wait until the service re-opens at 8am, please call us on 01803 495400 and one of our patient care co-ordinators will complete the Klinik form over the telephone with you.  All clinical requests received through Klinik go directly to a GP where they are reviewed and prioritised based on clinical urgency.  Please support our staff by providing as much information as possible. 

Please ensure your telephone has a good signal and that you are available to take a call should we wish to contact you. Let us know if certain times are inconvenient. We will only be able to call you once. If you do not reply then we won't call you back.

You may be given an appointment with a member of our experienced Nursing team. We are also able to direct you straight to other services such as blood tests, XRAY, physiotherapy, website resources, health coaches etc..

For security purpose your calls will be recorded but we can assure you that they remain completely confidential.

Only 10 minutes?

Let's get organised then...! If you think you have more than one problem and may need longer than 10 minutes then please ask for a "double" appointment. To maximise the benefit from seeing a clinician, think about what you would like to discuss and write some bullet point down on a piece of paper, and do include any particular worries you may have. 

To Request a Home Visit.

If you are too ill to come to the surgery, please use our online service to request a home visit or contact the surgery by telephone and our patient care co-ordinator will complete the same form which will be directed to a GP for triage.  One of our clinicians will contact you to arrange an appropriate assessment, and arrange a visit if necessary. Urgent visit requests will be accepted at any time and we do appreciate as much information as possible so that the degree of urgency can be assessed. Most of our visits are carried out by our fablous Paramedic Ryan, who is able to do a thorough medical assessment and liase with a Doctor if necessary. 

What if I cannot see the doctor/nurse of my choice?

We try to offer you an appointment with the clinician of your choice but if all the free appointments are taken you may have to see someone else. Your medical records are updated with enough detail that it's usually not a problem for another doctor or nurse to get up to speed with your situation. Also, our doctors and nurses attend training courses, have holidays and unfortunately also get ill... so sometimes they will not be available. Please remember the more restrictive your request for an appointment the less likely it is that your request can be met.

What if I want to see a female doctor/nurse?

We will do our best. Our male GPs or Registrar are happy to see you too and we also offer the facility of a chaperone for personal examinations.

Do the doctors keep to time.....?

Ah, that's a tricky one. We structure our appointments so that we should not run late. However, we would ask you to be patient if surgeries overrun as this is usually due to patients with multiple or complex problems taking longer than expected, or external calls from  professionals about our patients, or emergencies. To help reduce this problem, if you think you will require more than 10 minutes then please ask for a "double" appointment. We don't like running behind so we'll do everything we can to see you as close to your appointment time as possible.

How can I help?

When requesting a doctor or nurse appointment, you will be asked what the appointment is for as different conditions/procedures need different amounts of time or certain clinicians. Please note our receptionists cannot book directly into GP appointments.

Text Reminders. 

We send text messages to remind patients of their appointments. If you would prefer not to be contacted by text message please let us know.

The perfect system?

We are constantly trying to make our appointment system more accessible to provide our patients with the most efficient service possible. We hope that waiting is kept to a minimum. If you do have to wait it is usually because we are dealing with something urgent, or a previous Patient has required more time than anticipated, and we hope you will understand.

Unfortunately, no NHS appointment system is perfect and we understand at times there may be difficulties experienced. Please be patient with our receptionists at these times - they are here to help you.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please let us know so we can use it for someone else.

Thank you for your understanding.