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Coronavirus - give & get help image Coronavirus - give & get help

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” Barack Obama

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one's time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return." Nelson Mandela

We have the opportunity to pull together as a community and help those who really need help. Many are lonely, isolated, hungry and scared. Many are worried about money and where to find the next meal. Could you help out and give some time or donate some money to the food bank?

And here's some links you may find helpful:

Physical health

Mental health (see also our extensive resources in our main "Anxiety, Stress & Depression" section)

Simple things you can do to stay mentally and physically active during this time

  • don't overexpose yourself to the news (perhaps just one brief bulletin per day?)
  • make plans to video chat, phone or text, watch a show/read a book then talk about it,
  • keep moving - look for ideas of things to do at home on Hannah's links above, NHS website and Every Mind Matters
  • spend time doing things you enjoy – reading, cooking and other indoor hobbies
  • try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water and try to avoid smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs
  • try spending time with the windows open to let in fresh air, arranging space to sit and see a nice view (if possible) and get some natural sunlight. Get out into the garden or sit on your doorstep if you can, keeping a distance of at least 2 metres from others.

Children - Click here for a fun booklet explaining Coronavirus to children

Homeless? - Click here for who to contact if you are homeless, fear you may become homeless or are worried about someone else. (More info in the homeless section under "Welfare")

Your Business - Click here for advice and financial help from the government.

Money Advice Service - Click here for a guide about your rights to sick pay and what benefits you can claim if you're self employed or not entitled to SSP. 

Money Saving Expert - Click here for advice to help you manage your finances including your mortgage, rent and other bills. 

(Plus more general info on housing, benefits, debt, employment and relationships under "Welfare")

Translated versions of COVID-19 self-isolation guides - Easy-read self-isolation guides have been translated into RomanianPolishPortugueseLithuanian and Bulgarian by Cornwall Council.

BAME translated resources for people with Dementia -  Click here for a national resource of written, spoken and video translations of the latest guidance and communication, translated into several languages for the following guidelines:

  • Covid explanation of terms
  • Shielding guidelines
  • Staying safe outside your home
  • Getting a Covid test
  • Support bubble
  • Looking after friends or family when they leave hospital