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Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Is the way that you are feeling affecting your daily life? Are you struggling to cope, feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings? Are you living with a health condition that is making you feel tired, frustrated and worried? You are not alone - we can help you. Here are links to TALKWORKS plus a collection of helpful leaflets, websites, videos and self-help book suggestions to help you move forwards

TALKWORKS - Refer yourself through their website or 'phone 0300 555 3344

First Response Service - This is an urgent mental health service for people suffering a mental health crisis - 'phone 0300 555 5000 to get the right help, 24hrs/day, 365 days/yr. (They may take a while to answer - just hang on)

Teenager/Young Person - To access our Teenage Mental Health section